Degrader "Dead Presidents" Music Video Shoot

Just under a month ago my friends in Degrader got dropped from an overbooked show. They had a bunch of disappointed people looking to see them play so they set up a DIY show at their practice space and decided they wanted to make it a video shoot.

We met a couple days before hand to talk about what they wanted out of it, lots of moshing and some silliness mostly, but of course the necessary shots of the band doing their thing. It was a complete DIY effort and the shoot was live so there isn't a ton that we could actually plan on happening so we hashed out what we could control in the shoot and editing and off we went. 

I brought along my Alien Bee which I only use for portraits but decided to use the modeling lamp on it as a lighting source along with a construction light that was at the space. About thirty people showed up (more than the room could fit) and jammed into their small practice space for the first few bands. Once Degrader was about to play I realized the room was so humid that it would be impossible to shoot without my lens fogging up immediately. Another band called Graviloquence, from across the hall offered up their bigger and much cooler room for us to use. 

After moving all of the band gear, setting up my lights, and desperately trying to keep thirty people in a humid building so the cops didn't drive by and shut it all down the shoot began. The band started off with Dead Presidents and finished with it so we could get as much useable footage as possible of them playing the song. The rest of the set was used as filler material, moshing, pile ups, the Stone Cold Stunner, the chair smash (RIP to the chair),  were all filled throughout the rest of the set. 

Degrader wanted it black and white with it fade in to the video from black with their logo, the rest was left to me. I along with the band are very happy with the results especially with it being a last minute DIY video shoot and my first ever real video project. I like working with video and I think I'm going to do a lot more of it although I have a lot to learn on that side with editing, equipment, specs., etc. I think I'll pick it up rather quickly.