Northlane at Brighton Music Hall

This past Friday I headed into Brighton to photograph Northlane's US tour. It was my first show since I got home from Warped Tour and I was excited to get back to shooting. I had been trying to photograph Northlane for the past few years so I was excited to finally be able to. Due to a fire on the T I was late missed the opening band, but once I got to the venue I met with Northlane's tour manager Cody who got me in (thank you Cody!). I had never been to this venue before and I quickly realized that the stage lighting was going to be an absolute nightmare. Back lighting wasn't and issue, but with the front of the stage largely in darkness, and a rare flash from the lights hanging over the front of the stage, it was easily the toughest lighting situation I've had to deal with to date, but I managed to get away with a few good shots of each band. Shooting might have been rough, but I still had a lot of fun it just made me REALLY think about what I was doing while editing the photos. I even got to see some friends I haven't seen for a while and make some new ones!

In Hearts Wake

Like Moths To Flames