Real Friends - Upton, MA

Real Friends is currently out on the $5 Tour with Movements and with tickets being only $5 the only excuse you have for not showing up is that the show sold out. Its been a while since I last photographed Real Friends. I was fortunate enough to photograph them on their first ever tour when they played at the Fall River VFW just a few years and again at The Democracy Center in Cambridge, Ma after that. Anyone from Massachusetts knows how tiny those venues are so Its really awesome to see them on the main stage roster of Warped Tour this year. 

The show was awesome as expected. It sold out well in advance and people lined up hours before the show started to try and grab the limited tickets available at the door. Real Friends even gave out free download cards for their new album The Home Inside My Head which is due out May 27th. I didn't know much about Movements ahead of the show but I definitely recommend that you listen to them they're very catchy and emotional and they just put out an EP called Outgrown Things. Real Friends played seventeen songs over an hour and a half to a crowd of 200 very excited people. The crew and a few of my friends that put the show on spent most of the set acting as a barrier, literally defending pop punk. 

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Real Friends